The grommets are on one at the moment.

As a proud QLDer and an avid fan of DIG BMX, browsing the site to find a Brisbane based mixtape as a featured article arouses that maroon based energy. Unsurprisingly, the latest video features the keenest of Brisbane based bikers of the minute, associates from WEEN and a selection of LUXBMX team riders. It's called 'BrisBANG', it goes for 7 minutes and it's packed full of technical street riding. 

The Fieg man downing a cruiser, respect

Filmed and edited by Adelaide biker Mitch Fieg, the video is a result of emerging scene collabs, being the 1836 crew (from Adelaide) and the WEEN boys. Pretty great to be able to literally visualise the forming of a relationship. There is some sort of intangible connection between Adelaide and Brisbane, we have a healthy respect for one another and perhaps share a bond over not being Melbourne or Sydney. 

Brisbane-Adelaide in action, heart warming stuff via Raph and Mitch Fieg

For more detail on the lead up to, and production of, the 'BrisBANG' video I've received a covert and encrypted statement from junior partner Will Fraser. 

"BrisBANG kinda came around because Mitch Fieg, who resides in Adelaide, was coming to town. Declan had visited the 1836 dudes in Adelaide a couple months before and then we all met up down in Canberra for the ACT Jam this year! We spent a couple days on the Gold Coast with Mitch just chilling, going to the beach and riding some parks then we hopped on the metal box (i.e. train) down to Brisbane to get some shit done. 

First couple days went so well, banging clips out left right and centre, the vibes were high and we were all feeling great. It's always sick when someone from out of town comes, a refreshment. I loved showing Mitch all the riding and food spots, always the best going to a new city and getting to do completely new shit.

We filmed the video in 8 days and had some guests join us. Raph came out and fucked shit up like usual. There’s this gnarly wall ice in Slacks Creek that we always talked about, so we obviously had to show it to Raph. First go he 1 banged it pretty perfect but Raph being Raph, he had to try it again. He did it a couple times and on one of them almost lost his face, dead hopped and pretty much did a luc-e down it, gnarly.

We finished the video and just chilled for a bit, starting the editing process and we had to find a name, there’s this clip of NLE Choppa announcing his Aus tour and in it he says “I will be in BrisBang, like Chief Keef said” and it was just perfect. We inserted the clip and was stoked it actually worked. Thanks for listening!"

Check it out by clicking play below, if you didn't already know this valuable and key tip when approaching YouTube. I must warn you, that first track is rough, smoothed out by some Mazzy Star to close the video.