Colony BMX in California from 2008

The Prody Youtube has again been updated with another classic Colony video, this time featuring an eclectic assortment of crew taking to the streets, ditches and parks of southern California. I noticed a tonne of San Diego spots in this video, including some incredible DIY quarters. The dudes, Millsy, Guettler, Steve Woodward and a few blow-ins get to work in what is a patchwork of footage, bringing life to what would otherwise be b-sides/leftovers. If you love this period of BMX, then of course this video is for you, and if you simply enjoy watching dudes riding for fun - this video will also suit you. 

There are a couple of standout Steve Woodward clips to look out for, a really sick over-ice on the DIY quarter as well as the last clip, surprise, surprise. 

As Millsy describes on the Prody Youtube:

"Another long lost edit recovered from the Apple Mac G4 hard drives.

A Colony BMX trip to the USA in 2008. Featuring Ryan Guettler, Steve Woodward, Clint Millar & guests exploring what California had to offer back then. San Diego ditches & parks, Woodward West, university campus, Vans warehouse & more.

Some classic riding in here from everyone. But that Steve Woodward banger as the ender is still amazing to this day. Seems & feels like a life time ago now but also feels just like yesterday. 

Sit back & enjoy this trip down memory lane."

Git it.