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Colony BMX in the USA - 2008 Street Session

Check this out boys and girls, the Colony BMX team take a Georgian university to task back in 2008.

Is this the greatest assembly of Colony BMX bikers in it's history? I dont know, but it has to be in the conversation. Subsequent to the first Prody post which made it to the LUXBMX Journal a couple months back, we now have another collection of clips from the same trip, although this time it's street heavy and if I'm not mistaken, an entire video of rails bar one. 

Gripped by the silken dazzle of that Colony logo, the video does well to showcase the utter ridiculousness of American spots (while keeping you firmly grounded in the motherland with that classic blue collar hip hop track) which as noted in the below description from Colony big dog Clint Millar, is from a single day at a single university. Think about that! Having spent many years absorbed in street riding, it is simply not fathomable to experience a similar outing in Australia, it just wouldn't happen. There must be more than 10 different (and almost perfect) rails in this video, wild!

Everyone kills in this, althought notably, Millzy doesn't let up, Micky does Micky things and Liam Fahy-Hampton does LFH things, including a feeble to manual on a sloping round rail. As noted in the below description, and included as the thumbnail to this post, LFH nabs the cover of Ride BMX. What a sick way to remember the trip and this session in particular. 

This is good stuff, get amongst it. 

Micky handling a big boy

"Pulled from the lost archives of the Prody Productions Apple Mac G4 from 2008.

This for me, is my most memorable day spent street riding ever. Hands down.

We were on a Colony BMX team trip in the USA & stumbled into Athens, GA for a day of riding the local university. We had no idea what to expect but oh, did it deliver.

Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Nick Richardson, Steve Woodward, Toby Mathews, Matt King, Ryan Fudger & myself explored this amazing place for an entire day. Cameo appearance by Dave Freimuth before he flew back to Florida to organise a Baco Jam. 

Spot after spot, so many epic rails, great weather & not one hassle from any security the entire day. It really was surreal. One for the record books.

Be on the look out for the final clip with Liam Fahy-Hampton which became the cover of Ride BMX.

Filmed & edited by Clint Millar."

This is truly great stuff, what a moment it is to be able to view the boys doing their thing (for the first time from my perspective) after so long in the archives. As always, psyched to see more from the Prody hard drives.