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Covert Conversations: With Brayden McPharlin

Here's one that has been sitting in the wings for quite some time. 

Around 2 months ago, and just several months after dropping a similarly high quality video part, TMPRDs Brayden McPharlin releases yet another visual dossier, packed with 5 minutes worth of top tier riding. 

The kid must be on the grind something fierce, wasting no time in making a name for himself and bringing some serious energy to the Adelaide BMX scene. 

Premiering on the revered DIGBMX website, I must say, it really gets me hyped to see Australian content from the new school, particularly when it involves an Australian company (i.e. TMPRD) and a dude who genuinely goes hard. 

Gang shit, ADL style. Screenshot taken from the video

As is the want of the LUXBMX Journal, there was a desire to get behind the scenes with the dude to tease out what went into creating this video.

So, here we are, with the privilege of being gifted detailed words from Brayden around the filming of this piece, including his reflections on some of the more insane clips. 

First and foremost, click play on the video and then allow yourself to consume the words. 

"After packing up the last video with Ricky Catanzariti, housemate filmer/rider Mitch Fieg and myself made a start on a video we’d planned on for sometime since he’d moved in with Brad Collins and myself. Living in the same house we were out most arvo’s and days between work. The video is made up of predominantly Adelaide footage with a handful of clips from Canberra as well as a long weekend with the boys in Melbourne on D Streets apartment floor.

That trip was pretty all time haha! One night a seccy swung at me for looking at a spot so I smacked his phone out his hand cause he was getting loose and ditched, then the bloke hit Fieg and his bike with his car and chased me down the road hahaha. That night I woke up on the floor at 3am to the raw sounds of D Street, Josh Bedin-Smith and Brad Collins giving each other CLVLND home jobs and turning Fieg’s bike upside down. I miss it, that shits the best."

"...rode off and listened to 'Let It All Work Out' by Lil Wayne then let it rip"

"There’s a handful of clips in this video I was pretty happy with.

I was heaps keen on a big wallride in the video so we went to the Glenelg marina wallride which turned out to be relatively chill so I nollied in which I was way stoked with but now I didn’t have a straight wallride. I’d recently seen a big double set wallride down south which was a bit bigger.

I told Fieg if I landed the double set wallride take me to the gap to yellow rail and I’ll try tyres it for an ender. We went to the wall ride which was actually an entry to the Noarlunga medical centre, I rode into the walkway wall like 3 times and that shit rocked me hard haha. Last one I rode out into the automatic glass doors and one fell off the hinge so we dipped pretty quick.

"Woke up a week later to Fieg knocking on my door saying 'you ready..?' So, we went and had a look at this gap to rail and realised there was a little step before it. Ran up to it a handful of times and it did not start looking any nicer. So I rode off and listened to 'Let It All Work Out' by Lil Wayne then let it rip. Pedalled in got on the step and went holy shiiit then landed tyres and rolled away into my mates arms haha. Scariest shit I’ve done no doubt. Mad day."

Brayden, nuts feeble to smith

Love this one, wonky ledge feeble to smith right at the end, keeping you on your toes. Screenshot taken from the video.

"Since this video has been wrapped up, Kyle Ralston travelled over to Adelaide from Perth and I've spent some time filming a part with him for a video of some Oz/South Oz heads. That’s now wrapped up and Kyle’s on his way east so keep your eyes open for him floating around in a sketchy van and some quality footage of a bunch of dudes rippin’!

Thanks Vocko for letting me yap and stoked you enjoyed the video.

Thanks Mitch Fieg for spending time on the cam and computer Thanks Tempered for being sick."