CULTCREW | Marcel Andersen 2023

We are spoiled for choice when it comes to BMX content. The internet's instant video feed that's forever updating can keep you entertained for hours, but with so much coming through every day, it’s definitely watered down the quality.

One video I watched recently that made me say fuck yeah more than once was Marcel Anderson's recent video project for Cult. I had never heard of Marcel before this video but after watching these 6 minutes edited by Eddie Cuellar, I wanted more. First off, he hits rails, not just perfect 10 stairs but shit rails that look hard to hit - but need grinding. There is something satisfying about grinding an obscure rail or obstacle and Marcel had plenty of that, balanced well with a few more technical slow-moving tricks that fit nicely with the music. 

The music was whatever for me, I didn’t really pay much attention as the riding is the star of this show. I loved that the editing wasn’t over complicated with hundreds of shortcuts of hands and insects. This simplicity mixed with the plethora of interesting spots really made for a good watch. 

A couple of stand-out moments would be the icepick down the kink rail at 28 seconds, sick way to start a video, the crooked down the weird rail at 1.42 looked really fun. Spots that really aren’t made to ride are sick to see ridden. The backwards manual through the grass at 3.05 was also fun, takes the seriousness out of the video and makes you know he is having fun and that felt good. Finally, the smith over feeble on the down rail at 4.47 is something you don’t see all the time and is really cool to see done so well. Of course, the ender is crazy and we have all seen it on Instagram the past couple of weeks. This doesn’t take away from its savageness and knowing there was a bit of back story with multiple trips to get this clip makes it all the better.

Videos like this don’t come out all the time, but when they do it’s important to take note, good riding, simple editing and fun times on bikes are what it’s all about! 


Enjoy Marcel Andersons' 2023 video for Cult!