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Éclat BMX - Pat Freyne - 'Thanks Mate'

Just recently I slid into Ryan Mills DM's (who lives on the West coast of America), asking him who was wearing a LUX hoodie in a story he put up on his Instagram. He replied telling me it was a dude he rides with over there called Pat Freyne, a name I'd heard synonymous with the Australian BMX scene for years. This got me thinking - wearing a LUX hoodie (shameless plug, check out the LUXBMX In LUX We Trust Hoodie) could this be the same Pat Freyne I've always heard about down under? After some heavy suspicion and some in-depth detective work, I.E asking the bloke who sits next to me in the office (the infamous reallargesalad aka Biggie B), he filled me in that Pat met his partner over in California and now spends his time livin' and ridin' over there, coming back to his home town of Melbourne occasionally. 

Mystery solved. I'd never met Pat or rode with him before, so I was stoked to put a full video to the name. 'Thanks mate' (another dead giveaway that this is indeed the Australian Pat Freyne) was filmed between both SoCal and Melbourne with a whole bunch of hands on the camera. Pats riding is sick, I enjoyed this. 

“'Thanks Mate' is a nod to anyone who has jumped behind my HPX170 for me over the last 18 months. Between working on a couple other projects, working my day jobs in the commercial & coffee industry and life in general this part came together. Just on the session with all the boys and whoever was down to man the hpx. Predominately filmed in SoCal & a handful of stuff from a trip back home to Australia. Thanks mate, to all the boys." - Pat Freyne