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Fast and Loose Nimpinned Jam


Nimbin is a little town located in the Richmond Valley on the edge of an extinct volcano, nestled in the hills of the Northern Rivers region of NSW. Known for its colourful counterculture, Nimbin has been a special place for BMX riders, skateboarders and other open-minded partygoers alike.  On the 12th of November, the Fast and Loose crew hosted a jam that would be enjoyed by many members of our BMX community.


- Dovey - One Foot table. Photo: Mitch Wood


The scene was set and on Saturday morning as the masses started to roll into the campground, that feeling of “bmx jam” started to fill the air. It was about 30 degrees on Saturday, so the pool was getting a session and most people were taking it easy waiting for the official jam to start at 3pm.


- Sean Gardner - Turndown. Photo: Bailey Andrews


When 3pm rolled around, the bowl was lit up with plenty of riders keen to get involved! Seeing all the guys toey to get in the bowl was keeping the stoke high, and as the session went on, the riding became more and more insane. Jason Watts headed the event with the megaphone and started running through all the BMX jam classic events, including foot-down, long jump, the fastest manual and the most important announcement of the day - who won the meat tray!


- Cody Pollard. Photo: Bailey Andrews


As the Jam started winding down and everyone started feeling a bit of sunstroke from the day, we retreated to the pub for a feed before heading down the street to watch the world premiere of the newest Fast and Loose video. The atmosphere is always like no other at a BMX premiere, and this was no different. The video was full of incredible riding and the room was full of cheers. After the video, we all headed back to the campground to chat about the day and get some rest before the drive back to Brisbane the next day. 


You can check out all the LUX dudes having a rip at the NimPinned jam below.