Jason Petersen + Big Baby Ghost Fingers (Vol. 7)

Having spent more than 6 years abroad, based in Vancouver, Canada, ex-Gold Coast homie Jason Petersen has found himself a new home. A colder one, a more populated one, one that also consists of a BMX milieu - healthy with bikers who want to have fun, talk shit and sometimes when productivity is high, film clips.

Surprising stuff innit! 

Well not really, this concept is mirrored the world over, although with diversity amongst styles, spots and language. What is unique about this project is that it gives us biker boys down in Australia, a chance to view and experience what the scene is like wayyyy up north in Vancouver. 

Jason showing his zest as a biker, handling business via this rooftop bank whip to drop. Proud of you buddy. Screenshot taken from the video.

I would not have come across this video if it weren't for Jason, who has also acquired some words from the filmer/editor, Yannick Tysl, see below. 

"BGF7 was mostly filmed in Victoria, B.C in 2023 and 2024. It showcases the Victoria BMX scene and what street riding in this part of the world is all about. Kicking it, ripping it by the sea, and doing rad shit.

BGF7 was entirely filmed on miniDV tapes for the first time ever. Special thanks to Chay Nelson and James Clowater M.Sc for donating two Canon GL cameras. Without your support, BGF7 would have been much lower resolution."

Yannick with a back pedal bar spinner grind, as cool as a cucumber can be. Screenshot taken from the video. 

I suppose I'd better share some thoughts on this thing, that's kind of what this arrangement calls for. 

I'm advised that yung Yannick is a soul reminiscent of the one and only Jye Stuart. You may wish to catch up on what I'm referring to via visual proof, check it out in this link at 23.30-28.00. Having watched the video, I'm able to understand this, in that almost every clip the dude features in is a strange and wonderful take on a classic. For example, there is a pretty standard out ledge, which the dude handles with a no-handed step over pedal grind (3.03). Majority of fools would have eye balled a smith hard or something similarly unoriginal. 

In fact, it's not even main man Yannick that assumes this style, most of the cats in this video give off the vibe that they probably aren't taking life, or BMX, too seriously. It would seem that Jason has found an equally comforting home, despite being halfway around the world from Australia. 

What else? The video is ultimately a big old mixtape, helped along with the various changes in tracks, interludes showcasing the mundane moments whilst out riding and chilling, including the above (underlined) quote at 9.15. Hard to not feel like you're apart of the crew when a video is edited this way, I guess that's the appeal. 

Love the footage too, couple Canon GLs coming through with the grainy ass visuals. It's the kind of footage that is shit enough to be good, you have the dirty lens, shaky grip, lens hoods in the shot, colours blown out etc, but you wouldn't have it any other way in that it adds to the 'not taking things too seriously' feel

Fun fact, these were the first cameras that our crew ever started filming bikes with back in 2006. 

This clip was cool, old mate looks terrified speeding down that ledge, both with his face and his stance. Hold on ol' fella. Screenshot taken from the video.

That's it. This was enjoyable, without knowing most of these dudes (other than Jason), it felt like these guys were having a good time and if you're achieving that, you've had a win and more power to ya. Someone help a brother out with that first song, shit is smooth. What it is?