LUXBMX Raw: King of BNE II

This is a quick throw up until the big boy (i.e. the Troy Charlesworth produced video) arrives later this week. In the meantime, enjoy this cut of raw clips from Sunday's King of BNE event, round II. 

Hosted by LUXBMX and the result of an acute motivation to bring people together in the name of bikes and all that is good and great about them, the day is a perfect chance to meet up with old mates, peep the up and coming shredders and to engage in the simple freedom of pedalling a bike around this great city. 

The plan was to hit 4 x spots, starting in the valley at Cathedral Square then shooting up to the park near the OG LUX, drifting to the Kangaroo Point ledges and finally, ending the day at the Botanical Gardens rail. The plan was executed to a tee with everything going to plan until the final moments of the day - but more on that when the complete video is released. 

Until then, satisfy yourself with over 10 minutes of raw clips.