Off the Couch BMX Jam - Pizzey Park

A BMX Jam by Boyd Hilder


It's Jam season!

LUXBMX's Boyd Hilder has been busy prepping what will be one hell of a fun start to BMX jams for 2023.



Nowadays the Gold Coast seems to be a hub for some of the wildest BMX riders in the country, and by the sounds of it, they'll all be down at Pizzy Park on the 4th of February for the annual "Off the Couch" Jam. Word of the jam has been spreading throughout the BMX community and with Pizzy's skatepark upgrades all complete, you can bet you're going to see some unbelievable riding go down. But don't get it twisted, this is about having a good time with your mates, so regardless of your skill level, come on down and say g'day to the LUX crew!

Activities for the day will include multiple bowl sessions, rail sessions and, of course, the crowd favourite - foot down!


- An aerial view of the foot down challenge going down in Pizzy bowl from the 2022 Off the Couch Jam. 


In case you missed it, check out the epic video from last years jam below! 

The top comment on the video sums up the day perfectly - "That’s what I call a BMX celebration like no other anywhere in the world. I’m from Miami and our jams are not as solid with all heads participation. God bless Australians for their energy is contagious." - Hector Pincol