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King of BNE - 35mm Film Photo Dump 


Growing up, BMX was the most important thing in my life, as any BMX rider can attest to - It was the first thing I thought about waking up in the morning and the last thing I thought about going to bed. 

BMX gave me everything - lifelong best friends (TK), the best memories of my life, trips around Australia, and even the ability to create a brand. Eventually, I moved on to work in the streetwear industry and lost touch with the BMX lifestyle. Fast forward to 2022, and I'm back in the industry - surrounded by all things BMX and my closest friends every single day, and absolutely loving it. 

Rewatching old Props, Etnies Forward and other classic BMX DVDs from my childhood recently had me thinking - "I miss the way things were", well 'The King of BNE' showed me that is absolute bullshit, BMX is extremely alive and well in 2022, more so than ever! The younger generation coming up isn't all that different than we were, the world may feel like a different place, but they're still just stoked to be riding bikes with their friends and having a good ass time with the BMX community, just like all the generations before them and future generations to come. Seeing all the older guys cheering on and pushing the younger guys all day long was a beautiful thing to see. 


- The crowd getting behind Sunny Pabathi sending himself down the Botanical Gardens handrail 


I was planning on writing out some special mentions, but I don't think that's necessary. Shout out to EVERYONE who came out, whether you rode or spectated, it doesn't matter - it's all about rolling around and having a good time with like-minded people. So, shout out to you. 

Shots taken on a Leica M6 on Kodak Tri-X film.