The Latest: With Jake Norris

One way to get attention is to scream and shout, to compel the gaze of those around you. It's brash, but often effective. Another way is to zip it, head down, bum up, and allow your modesty and actions to speak for you. I know which one works for me and equally, that which aligns with the personality of LUXBMX pro Jake Norris. 

A central QLD boy with 30 years of living to his name, Norris is a typical BMXer with an endless tank of motivation and creativity. With a race background and the influence of living in a regional town, Norris' dedication to the cause is self-evident. While his output isn't frequent, you just know that every project Jake works on is going to be top quality and better than the last. The dudes ability to continue to progress should be celebrated, especially in coming from a small scene with limited spots. 

Norris is someone I have great respect for and who I believe deserves any attention he gets. As always, Norris doesn't hype himself, preferring the humble approach. For this reason, I'm drawn to the dude and am excited to share with you the following conversation with the benefit of some fresh images. 

Sounds like there is fresh Norris footage on the horizon, including the upcoming 'Battle of Hastings' jam in the UK. Norris found himself a spot on the Boyd Hilder team - big ups to the boys for sticking with each other. Can't wait to see Norris on the big stage, as well as through the lens of Bigs. In the meantime, why not revisit his incredible 'Tear Da Club Up' (TDCU) part at the bottom of this post. 

Photos supplied by Jake himself, other than the over-tooth which is understood to be a Tim Storey shot. 

On the job, game face

How's your day been, what's good with Jake Norris? 

Hey Mike, day’s been good. Been really busy tattooing lately so pretty much most of my days are filled doing that. Still riding as much as I can. Just trying to stay healthy and keep on moving. 

Tear Da Club Up (TDCU) premiered in August last year and ended with a banger section from yourself. Now that we're approaching a year since then, what have you been up to since the video came to light and filming wrapped up? 

To be honest I’ve been getting stuck into some large scale projects at work. Tattooing a lot of full sleeves and back pieces. Still going out filming when I get a chance as well. 

An example of some of the bigger tattoo projects being undertaken by Norris

Norris with the over tooth on a killer Brisbane rail, Salad on the film, check this clip out at 4.54 in the below TDCU clip

How's life in Rockhampton of late, what's keeping you motivated? 

Rockhampton life is always good man. Always something to do up here. I guess I still watch a fair share of BMX/ MTB videos online. They always keep me toey to get out and ride. I had a  pretty rocky start this year but in the past couple months everything has been getting better so just staying positive keeps me motivated to keep on doing what I do. 

I've noticed you continue to make weekend trips down to Brisbane, which is great to see. Have you been working on any projects down this way with LUX and Big Salad? 

Yeah, whenever I get a free weekend I’m in the car heading down to ride. I’m working on a video for LUX with Biggie at the moment, slowly been stacking clips for it. 

You've been spending time on a mountain bike lately, which is sick to see and might I add, looks natural on you. How has that experience been for you? 

I love mountain biking. I love the feeling of just hookin' down a track as fast as I can. I grew up riding local downhill tracks in my area but stopped when I was maybe 16ish. Aaround 7 years ago I bought a new enduro bike and haven’t stopped since then. Recently did my first enduro race which was a real test. Was much harder than I thought it’d be but I had heaps of fun. I somehow ended up placing first in the elite men’s class haha. I’m gonna try do a few more races this year. 

Bit of a 'braaaap' from Norris in the hills of rural Rockhampton

You somehow continue to come up with crazy links and tech moves, even more crazy, on what appear to be new spots which isn't easy when you live in central QLD. How do you feel on the bike lately and what has been getting you stoked in BMX land? 

Even though rocky is quite a small town I’m always finding new things to ride. I sometimes just drive around town looking for new places to ride. New spots definitely play a huge part in keeping me motivated. It gets old riding the same spots over and over. 

I’ve been feeling good on the bike lately. Riding maybe 4-6 days out of the week when I can. Mainly on the weekends, but if I get time after I finish work I always try squeeze a ride in. 

Seeing my mates do cool shit with BMX gets me stoked. Boyd just won X Games which is the coolest shit ever. Stuff like that keeps me toey! 

Solid t-bog. Norris does it all

What have you been listening to of late and secondly, have you recently watched anything captivating? 

This week I’ve been listening to the new album Little Songs by Colter Wall. When I listen to it it takes me back to being a child, sitting in my grandma and grandads lounge room. If my grandad was still around he’d love this album. Also been playing Zwielicht by Mental Cruelty on repeat. That album is nice 'n' heavy. Also Necromantic by Draconian Reign has copped a flogging this week. Cheers to Cooper Brownlee for sendin' that one to me. 


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