Colony BMX in the USA

You may recall a recent LUXBMX Journal post which centred on a Ryan Guettler video interview as well as excitement around more content from the Prody BMX Youtube. 

Before we go on, what is Prody BMX? Quick history lesson, Prody BMX was a Brisbane based crew emerging in the early 90s which worked as a means to bring a dying scene together. Helmed by Clint Millar, Prody BMX produced a range of classic BMX videos and continues to do so what with the recent release of Prody 8 (23 years after Prody 7). 

The full set of Prody videos (minus #8) - taken from the Unscene Facebook

From the Prody BMX Youtube:

"Prody is an historical Australian BMX video series spanning from 1993 to 1999 with 7 videos to date all released on VHS tape. 

A slew of other videos were produced in the 2000's such as "Selftitled" with Triplesix as well as "A Month In The Life Of" for Colony BMX. All the earlier Colony BMX web videos leading up till the start of 2010 were also produced by Prody Productions."

In the above linked Journal feature, Clint Millar had forecasted more content to make its way to the Prody BMX Youtube and today, I am happy to share just that, the next upload from the dusty hard drives of the Prody Productions Apple Mac G4. 

More Prody gold taken from the Unscene Facebook, love that Simpsons based design and the harshness of that whip photo

I certainly can't recall having seen this before and am super hyped to now be afforded the privilege. 

Released in 2008, the following description by Clint Millar reads as:

"This trip brings back some great memories. Along for the ride was Ryan Guettler, Steve Woodward, Dave Freimuth, Mick Bayzand, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Nick Richardson, Matt King, Toby Matthews & Clint Millar. Ryan Fudger was there to document it for Ride BMX Magazine at the time.

We travelled so much ground in such a short time but it was all worth it. Florida to North Carolina to Georgia & everywhere in between & back, all within a week. Amazing memories."

What a lineup! Not only did you have the Brisbane crew (Ryan, Nick, Matt, Toby & Clint), you can also throw in the Melbourne based pros Liam Fahy-Hampton (LFH) & Bayzand and most interestingly, a legendary USA contingent being Steve Woodward and Dave Freimuth. An eclectic group comprised of street dawgs, front brake assassins and big-trick park slayers. 

Screenshot from the video, LFH, Matt, Nick & Mick

Whilst the video has a rushed feel to it in condensing this many dudes over a week in a new country (under 5 minutes in length), it still maintains a nostalgic effervesence as well as some really good riding. Primarily filmed at indoor skateparks and with very little lifestyle/b-roll/personality exchanges, the viewer is blessed with the gift of ample technical park riding and a beautiful selection of lip tricks - special mention to the Dave Freimuth 270 to stepped smith stall at 2.20. 

Most special about this video was that it was from a particular era, the tail end of the mid 2000s in which BMX was riding high, equally balanced with aesthetics, progression and pre-internet modesty. You can feel it watching this video, there doesn't need to be university educated editing/production or X-Games level trickery, its simply the atmosphere of 9 excited dudes on a roadtrip. 

From my perspective, the opportunity to take in LFH footage is most memorable. The dude was/is a street god and had a very particular presence about him, he was bigger than BMX, (not literally although he was large in stature) someone who was endlessly respected. His unique style also contributes to his status, a big bloke on a small bike. You get a sense of this through the line at 1.30, never was there a time when LFH could do too many tailwhips. 

I remember this, so wild to see an Australian (street rider especially) on the cover of Ride BMX. This time, its LFH with a monster railride from 2008 - assumedly from the same trip

Backed with a timeless Moby track, the video is short, sweet and important in forming part of the deep history of Colony BMX. 

Get amongst the Prody BMX Youtube and keep an eye out on the LUXBMX journal for more nostalgic BMX content.