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Colony BMX - Hard Yards #1 - Backyard Invitational 


A few of the LUXBMX crew had the pleasure of spectating one of the heaviest days in Australian BMX this year, and LUX team riders Sean Gardener & Raph Jeroma-Williams even copped two of the invite-only spots to ride in the first Colony BMX "Hard Yards #1 - Backyard Invitational", to say it was an incredible day of BMX would be an understatement! 

Australian BMX legend and Colony BMX frontman, Clint Millar, has a pretty damn epic ramp set up at his house (this could be the understatement of the year), and taking inspiration from iconic events like The Metro & Rebel Jams from the mid-school, 2000s era of BMX - Clint put together the first (of many) Colony "Hard Yards" Jam. 

The Hard Yards was run differently than most modern BMX events, with a jam-style format that was also judged by the actual riders riding in the event. 

Check out all the action and results below! 



Filmed by Cooper Brownlee & Troy Charlesworth.
Edited by Cooper Brownlee.
Announced by Nick Richardson & Yonny Wakefield.




1. Paterico Fallico $500
2. Karl Southern $300
3. Clint Millar $200


1. Sam Grace $500
2. Chris James $300
3. Dean Florian $200

Style & Flow

1. Sean Gardiner $500
2. Dean Florian $300
3. Jayden Fuller $200

Street Spine Best Trick

1. Paterico Fallico $500

Wallride Best Trick

1. Chris James $500

Hitching Post Best Trick

1. Dean Florian $500

There was also a Pixeld Energy rider of the day chosen by none other than Nick Richardson himself, the owner of Pixeld Energy. For absolutely killing it all day in every way, Richo chose his rider of the day.

Pixeld Rider of the Day

1. Karl Southern $250

Clint is planning on running the Hard Yards twice yearly and we're already frothing for the next one!