War Party: The 'Destroyed' Series

That's right Big Salad, sometimes things don't go to plan. In fact, for most mortals, the process of riding bikes and pushing yourself would more often than not result in a failure to execute a plan. 

The LUXBMX in-house filmer Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth has been busy on his private 'War Party' YouTube, this time highlighting the work which goes in to filming a clip. It shouldn't be lost that typically, a single clip could take up 5-10 seconds of a larger video (generally 3 minutes, potentially up to 10 minutes in length), and can often be something that is worked on for hours over potentially multiple days or weeks.

Commitment to the cause, it's a challenge and it's ultimately why we do this BMX thing! Take a look at some of these screenshots (from the below videos), the determination, risk and acceptance/patience is absolutely on show. 

Jimmah on his way to the bottom

Jonny on his way to the top

Miner, deep amidst the torment and agony of a plan which hasn't gone to plan

Anyway, to get your conveniently packaged portion of straight up BMX work, you're offered the following videos featuring gypsy traveller James 'Jimmah' Pease, Brisbane's Jon 'Termite' Mackellar and secondly, Canberra's OG street lord, Zac Miner. Your role in this is to simply press play, hopefully you can manage to overcome this task. 

Cheers an' that.