Ween - 'Feeling It'

Hot from a recent LUXBMX Journal feature, the Ween crew ain't slowing down, hitting 2024 with a tight left jab in the form of a mixtape which was recently featured on DIG.

Titled 'Feeling It', the Declan Kilpatrick production features mini-parts from Dylan Big Money and Will Fraser with a couple homie blends in the middle. My understanding is that DK runs a Panasonic DVX100 rig, the footage of which is great to watch, you don't see many of these cameras getting around these days. It would however benefit from a lens cleaner here and there. 

As context for the video, I'll let Declan's words do their thing:

"The Ween crew and friends take on the streets of Brisbane & Gold Coast, Australia to bring you 'Feeling It'. featuring Dylan Big Money to start it off. Levi Royce, Lachlan Carey & Mitchell Campbell with a dope mix section to raise the stakes followed up with a few homies we met along the way; (in order) Sunay Pabathi, Ryan Rostirolla, Darby Martin, Orlando Oakley, Josh Irvine, Josh Newman & Spencer Mcfarlane. Will Fraser takes it home with the end section, enjoy."

Mixtapes are the sickest, and from a LUXBMX point of view, it's always amazing to see Brisbane locals get their time in the sun, no less than on the respected DIGBMX site. 

Meezy on the chainwire wallride, filmer in the prime position

No dislike here. This was cool in that it shows the crew out and about, hyped for someone's success. Also, the light in this shot is nice and the DVX is poppin'

Couple points:

  • Dylan Big Money is a pretty sick name and I am struggling hard to differentiate between this kid and Lachie Carey
  • Dylan's bar to manual to 180 on the drain bank at 1.48 was really cool
  • Gangster rap works with BMX so well, there are at least 3 different songs in this video and that ain't a bad thing
  • Meezy kills it, so cool to see him getting better and better. His first clip is wild, I can imagine that spot being scarier in real life
  • Will seems like a nice guy, but in this video he jabs a fellow biker in the face (for proof check 6.17) which would suggest his character is questionable, if not entirely fallible 
  • The filming and editing was overall, really well done, can see that these boys have a lot more to give and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go. The video does seem to end quite quick. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is Lachie, although it could very well be Dylan. Either way, staunchin'

Take a look below my friends.

Let your light shine through