The 2023 ACT Jam has come and gone, attracting many a BMXer from around the country, as it tends to do. It would seem that we're still waiting to see an official video from the event, however there have been a bunch of crew posting videos from the jam, including the Brisbane based crew 'Ween'. 

The boys, consisting of Declan Kilpatrick, Lachie Carey, Levi Royce, Dylan McMurtrie and Will Fraser made the pilgrimage in the most BMX form imaginable, a convoy of white vans. Taking to the Pacific Highway, again another ritual in the Australian BMX world, the crew drove the 10 hours from Brisbane to Sydney and then the final couple of hours to Canberra, stopping along the way and ultimately, being young biker dudes on a roadtrip. You cannot beat it!

Having done this trip myself many a time, which at this point in my life might not happen again (well not in the same circumstances it might have 10 years ago), I wanted to bring you some commentary from the boys themselves, to flesh out their experience and highlight how great a journey this is for the BMX inclined. To do so, I spoke with 3 of the crew (Will Fraser, Lachie Carey and Levi Royce) as well as having received some photos from Declan Kilpatrick.

Have a go would ya!

Firstly, for me and perhaps our broader audience, I wanted to understand what 'Ween' is and where it came from. As Will notes:

"Ween became a thing really when I saw what the 22cru was doing. I really liked the homies riding together aspect and thought it’d be a cool thing to make videos with my friends. Since then I’ve filmed a few vids and am really stoked with how it’s coming along. Got to say a big thanks to the homies Sunay and Declan for all their help with it."

Stoked for the boys to have motivated themselves to start a crew and get amongst it, it's such an awesome way to help build the scene and push each other to improve your riding and see the country. Also cool to see them putting in work behind and in front of the lens. 

Dylan, Lachie and Will, preparing the rolls royce of roadtrip vehicles

Same image as above replacing Dylan with Declan

To get a sense for the mechanics of how the ACT trip was arranged, Levi explains:

"Lachie and I are the only two that haven’t been to ACT Jam before so we all took two weeks off and took our time getting there trying to ride parks and spots on the way down, mostly rained out everywhere before Sydney but was still sick."

Lachie adds:

"Planning for the trip was pretty impulsive honestly, got rained out of most of our plans for camping on the way down so found somewhere to stay in Sydney earlier than planned and booked it down. Met heaps of sick riders there and they became our tour guides for parks and spots."

Broody, laconic, Declan

Lachie, G-spec

So, it would seem that things were pretty loose, as confirmed by the other dudes as well, classic really. I myself am a proponent of forward thinking and planning, which doesn't often mesh with the position of many a biker. Perhaps these boys have got it right as it seems like they had a beauty of a time together on the road. Lachie outlines:

"The whole trip was a high, from the day we knocked off work and packed the cars up, through to the last day of the jam, although it is hard to remember a lot from the trip! The highlight for me was definitely having a video premiere on a laptop in an alleyway after a big session at city park with all the boys we met in Sydney."

Will concurs:

"Definitely, after riding Sydney street all day then a night sesh at SYD park, we got pizza and video premiered Pedro’s new part, and a new Ween video that is not yet out (stay tuned). It was a sick atmosphere and just an awesome time."

Love that, you cannot beat a premiere whilst in the middle of a roadtrip after a great days riding. Fill up on that energy my friends, drink it in, maximise it. 

Even with the sky high vibes, there are always going to be lulls and for the Ween crew, the boys outlined a couple themes that we're all well aware of. At the end of the day, these occurrences are a bummer, but only as restraining as you allow them. Levi details:

"I think the low points of the trip would have to be the start of it on the way down to Sydney getting rained out of riding parks and spots, still made the most of it though."

Lachie adds:

"Low point was definitely the last day, safe to say the week and a half of partying caught up to all of us."

And finally, Will notes;

"High point was definitely landing my second ice hard on the down ledge at the Belco unofficial rail jam, still buzzing off it! Low point was probably me not looking after my bike properly, something was always wrong with it, you live and you learn though!"

Appropriate & certified roadtrip behaviour

Will and Dylan, big smile guys

With the lull being momentary in the context of a roadtrip, the memories and excitement were certainly looming over any miscreant moments. As you might expect, BMX is so sick because of the people involved and the way it brings everyone together. No surprise then that the merging of Brisbane and Sydney crews was a highlight. As Levi states:

"The week spent in Sydney before ACT Jam, the parks, street spots and people, the BMX community down there is awesome. They (Sydney crew) have the sickest group down there and they're all so involved in BMX. Every one of the boys down there was just so good to hang out with. Big thanks to them for showing us around all the parks and spots we went to. The Adelaide boys as well were a sick bunch of people to hang out with at ACT Jam, hopefully Ween trip there soon!"

Will adds to this sentiment in describing some of the more memorable characters from their time on the road:

"I’d have to go with the homies Bluey (Louie Hemmit) and Pedro Jannini. Bluey is just a sick unhinged dude with mad mid-school vibes from the riding to the bike he rides. Pedro is a hyper Brazilian dude, you can tell he takes a lot of influence from Miki Fleck. Love all the homies down there, shout-out to them!"

'Ween', from left to right, Dylan, Will, Lachie, Declan and Levi. Love this shot, you can't be a biker and look at this photo and not be stoked

Big shouts to the boys for coming through with the words and for Declan persevering to link me with these awesome photos. 

All for all and one for one.