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What's Good? Cobe Hansen X Markit 'Zero'

Welcome to round 19 of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, I've dug into the mind of young Cobe Hansen, one of the few up and coming biker boys who lives and breathes old school BMX values in their purest form. 

Cobe and his partner Carla, taken from the dudes socials

As most of you would know, Cobe is the younger cousin of LUXBMX pro Cody Pollard, a relationship which has no doubt shaped and inspired the kid. It is also through this situation that I first met him, a young, perilously skinny dude who barely spoke a word and who consistently maintained a facial expression which equally gave away very little. With the benefit of time, Cobe has grown from an emerging teenager into a young man, now living in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, working as a mechanic, building his own jumps and travelling the country in pursuit of the finest dirt. 

When I think of Cobe, these images are what I see. Forging a signature 'look' with the old school kayak helmet and jumpsuit, taken from the dudes socials

Cobe is on the pro team for CMPN (managed by Jon Mac) and as you might expect, loves to be journeying for new spots, adventure and the best places to pull up and camp for the night. He is likely to be found at any trail jam the nation has to offer and also ain't shy of a bowl. Again, you can see the Cody Pollard influence when laid out. 

Turndown in the deep end at Caloundra, taken from the dudes socials

Having said this, the kids choice for 'What's Good?' may not be what you might have expected from a dude that looks like he just crawled out from underneath a trails tarp - which is part of the interest in doing this series. 

As Cobe explains:

"So I decided to go with Markit 'Zero' as it was the first that came to mind other than 'Anthem 2' which Jon Mac covered.

When I was 16 or 17, I got this film for Christmas from uncle Pol (Cody Pollard) and it was definitely my first and most watched 'proper' BMX video besides 'Anthem 2' and some other Aussie BMX films that I gathered after Markit 'Zero'. 

The Markit crew definitely opened my eyes to street riding in a different light I suppose, and got me keen to actually give it a crack. It's never been a strength or a craving of mine to go ride street on my own but with a crew, yeah, I'd tag along for sure.

I feel like the crew were just a bunch of good mates that only had the pressure from themselves to produce clips. They also cover a lot of riding criteria, being fast, creative and tech. The dudes did it right, the DIY way in buying an RV and loading up what they needed. Having Christian Rigal on board capturing it all would be the dream for any BMX crew I'd say!

As my favourite clips, the first one that comes to mind is that rail lawnmower (12.50) from Jonas! Keeping that foot on the pedal and doing it on that setup is mind boggling. Don't know of anyone else doing them like that either. The alley oop table from Ronnie is another one, folding it up and getting that much pop without any transition wouldn't be that simple. 

Favourite part would have to be Rob Wise who brings a bit of ramp tech to the streets, taming gnarly spots and making shit look easy whether it's a big or small set up. Rob has precise and solid bike control throughout the whole part as well as crazy tech stuff like that uprail pegs to wall at night which is hard to comprehend. The song choice matches his riding and the more you watch this one, the gnarlier it gets, leaving you wanting more which is what makes a good part in my opinion."

Cheers Cobe and great selection, a video which is well regarded for its top tier crew. The lesser acknowledged parts in this video are in my mind, what really gives it its punch, being Mike Jonas and Ronnie Napolitan (younger brother of Anthony). Of course the full-length part from Rob Wise is also a national treasure, particularly all the sub-rail genius, you just don't see that shit very often. 

Thanks and goodnight.