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'What's Good?' Ricky Catanzariti X BMX Militia 'About Time' (Daniel Dunn)

Welcome to round 26 of the latest LUXBMX journal segment, 'What's Good?'. To reiterate, we reach out to one of the homies and get a hot tip on the latest (or oldest) biking madness. It's called 'What's Good?' and for this instalment, I've sought out Adelaide based biker, lover of all things two-wheels and budding tattooist, Richard William Catanzariti.

Left and right, by Cooper Brownlee

Rick is someone that I have increasingly admired over the years, it's now pretty weird to think about given the amount of time that's lapsed and how I view the kid. It is kind of just that, I still see him as a young kid, but in reality, the dude is approaching 30, has recently bought a place with his partner and is not a kid at all, he's a grown ass man - despite maintaining a youthful exuberance, an insane ability to handle his bike despite limited time on it and a great outlook on life. 

What initially drew me to him, and what continues to, is that he has a wonderful sense of humility and a reserved approach to social settings. He is super easygoing and non-exhaustive to be around, someone who presents a peaceful kind of aura. Now, I might be off and this characterisation and it might not stand true in all settings, but it's what I've garnered over the years and in my opinion, comes through in these photos and his writing. 

This is one of the greatest shots getting around. Somehow speaks to the essence of BMX, while centred around a moto. Stonyhawk photo
Cool guy, bike stand shot by Mikey Moore
Steeeeeep tooth hang, shot by Colony BMX

So with admiration aplenty, I sought to work with Rick on this 'What's Good?' article and as always, super interested to see what he would come up with. His choice is primo, the thinking gone into it exactly the kind of memory/story that we all share a similar connection to and one that I'm hoping to nurture for the younger generation who aren't blessed with the same experience that earlier generations were (i.e. full-length, hard copy videos with limited hype).

Probably also worth mentioning that this one took a LONG time to get up, no shade on Rick, the dude is busy and has other priorities beyond a small time BMX blog. With an initial message in September 2023, we wrapped this up a week or two ago and you know what, I'm glad we persisted because Rick is someone that I love to have associated with BMX and is the kind of guy that you should be influenced by. 

That'll do. Let's hear from the kid. 

"When Big Vocko asked me if I could write some words I knew exactly what to write about, although I didn't know how to write about something so core to BMX for me. With that being said, 'What's Good?' if not the best in my eyes would be Mozzies part in 'About Time' and damn it's about time I finished this write up for Big Cocko Vocko.

This video part hits so close to home for me, knowing Daniel for as long as I can remember due to our fathers being old mates, I always looked up to him as a real idol for a good part of my childhood to young adult life. The only reason I got my hands on the DVD was because Mozz (or his old man) burnt me a copy (sorry Biggie)."

"What's even better than Mozzies part is the full DVD, but it's before the time of my digital upload era. My burnt copy got snapped amongst my DVD collection a long time ago and it's been a good 10 to 15 years (at least) since I've seen the masterpiece Troy Charlesworth gave us in 2005. Luckily enough, Mozz uploaded his own part to Vimeo quite some time ago. 

I don't watch much new BMX content these days, to me it's lost its spice in a way where there's no originality anymore, it's supposed to be freestyle right? I think I could do a better job with stating what not to watch these days, so if anyone wants that, let me know."

"As a grom, I found myself watching this video day and night most times on repeat in bed on a school night. I couldn't get over it and when I feel like watching a part, I find myself retreating to this old gem. From tailwhips to late no-foot cans, hand plants at the Clipsal 500 and that insane slight downside whip over the rail at the old city park, Mozzies part has it all, how real freestyle should be. Mozz can do it all and still could if his body could keep up.

You kids out there should do yourself a favour, grab a notepad, jump on Vimeo and learn something about an Australian legend. Take a trip down memory lane, grab a coffee, a blanket and watch Mozzie do what he does best. 

It's been 19 years, we need the full video online. So Troy, if you see this, upload the full-length or send me a new burnt copy."

Mozzy, beautifully clicked table from his part, the angle of his bike and front wheel is just what you want out of a table. 

Thanks to Rick for sticking with me and to Big Salad for sending through the shots of the hard copy video. In exciting news, this whole situation has brought this video into the spotlight with Big Salad uploading the full video to Youtube for the first time. It has also sparked a side project which you will see in the near future.