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BMX race Vs BMX freestyle 

When buying a bike for someone or for yourself you should ask “what are you going to be using it for?” When it comes to bmx there are a few different disciplines that will dictate how your bike is set up to ride. There are two main variations when it comes to a BMX bike, freestyle or racing



LUXBMX Team Rider Boyd Hilder On his Freestyle BMX bike


Bmx freestyle bikes have really changed over the past 20 years originating from BMX racing freestyle began to take flight and doing tricks changed the way the frames were built, the materials they were made from and the sizes of the tubing. As freestyle BMX further dissected into sub-genres bikes changed again, they were more specifically built for flat land, street, dirt and skatepark riding. The race bikes became much lighter due to the materials and technology developing as the years went on. More modern designed frames added power to ground which is ultimately what these bikes are built for. 


LUXBMX team rider Tristan Scott getting out of the gate first!


Bruce morris is a bmx racer/rider/lifer and knows bmx race bikes better than most with over 40 years of BMX racing experience under his belt. Bruce and Dale sit down to give you the main things to think about before you buy a bike for your self or someone else this Christmas time. 

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