Izaac Kennedy - Bike Check

Since taking to BMX racing in 2004, LUXBMX pro Izaac Kennedy has made his presence known. Having won the Australian BMX championships at the age of 18 (likely one of the only guys to ever achieve this) and then following it up with another win the very next year, Izaac is a no joke beast. 

The crew at LUXBMX, after having built a relationship with Izaac years prior, decided to partner with the dude, officially welcoming him to the pro team in 2021. 

For those who don't know, Izaac has been a fan of LUXBMX since primary school. We remember when he used to send his mum into the store on her way to work to replace broken parts from the weekend after sending every jump in sight. In 2017, when LUXBMX decided to expand to stock and supply race bikes and components to the Australian BMX scene, Izaac came on board through the Chase Bicycles/LUXBMX team. This eventually evolved into becoming his personal sponsor when he joined the Stay Strong world team in 2021, Speedco in 2022, and continues today with the Chase Bicycles factory team.

Izaac continues to dominate in his professional approach to BMX racing, finding himself in an elite category of BMX racers chasing podiums the world over. Most recently, Izaac took out a 'USA BMX Pro Series' win at the renowned 'Gator Nationals' 2023 event in Oldsmar, Florida. 

His recent success is also reinforced with a spot on the highly sought after Chase Bicycles team, alongside 2 x of the fastest racers the world has ever seen, Connor Fields and Joris Daudet. 

Izaac currently rides the Chase Bicycles ACT 1.2 (carbon) frame and boy does this thing look fast. To find out a little more about his setup, the LUXBMX crew sat down with Izaac to film a video bike check, set on the (unusually) dreary Gold Coast foreshore (i.e. his favourite beach). 


Izaac bleeds speed and is no doubt assisted by his Chase Bicycles frame. Click play to hear what he loves about his new race rig, details around the in-depth specifications like his gearing and handlebar preferences as well as learning what makes Izaac the fastest racer in the country. 

If Izaac's story and his passion for BMX racing is rubbing off on you, why not jump onto the LUXBMX online store to see what is available in our massive range of BMX race bikes. This includes a huge selection of Chase Bicycles frames and complete bikes, from both the 2022 and 2023 lines.