UCI BMX Racing World Cup: Round 7-10

Rico Bearman dominates

The 2023 UCI BMX World Cup is now done and dusted, with an intense series of 4 x rounds taking place in the Argentinian city of Santiaga Del Estero (the capital city of the province of the same name). The event was formatted such that Round 7 & 8 took place over the weekend of the 7-8 October, with Round 9 & 10 taking place the following weekend - at the same venue. Condensed into a week at a single location is likely an attempt to rationalise resources and simplify the process for the riders and organisers in taking this event around the world. 

The sun sets over the Santiago Del Estero landscape, the facility primed for greatness. Photo from the UCI BMX socials

Before we get into the results, a quick reminder that the LUXBMX Journal has been the platform in which we've been tracking the world cup event, watching as some of the LUX riders make their mark on the international stage and in the lead up to the all important Paris olympics in 2024. After earlier 2023 events in Turkey, the Netherlands, France and now Argentina, the series is now at a close with overall standings finalised. 

I think enough has been said without having yet blurted out the fact that our New Zealand representative, Rico Bearman, absolutely destroyed the last 4 rounds. Let's not forget that after Round 4, the kid was 4 wins from 4 starts, leading into a 6th place finish in Round 6 (with Round 5 cancelled due to bad weather). With a 2nd in Round 7 and a 6th in Round 8, it was time to up the ante and consolidate the incredible start to the series, which is where the best of the best stand up. Unsurprisingly, this is exactly what Rico did, finding himself on the top of the podium after dominant performances in Round 9 & 10. 

Rico number one after his win in Round 9, besting the dutch rider Goossens in 2nd and the local, Maturano in 3rd. Photo from NZ Cycling

So to summarise, Rico won 6 out of 9 rounds and ends the series as the overall leader, 332 points ahead of his nearest rival, the Frenchman Mateo Colsenet. An absolutely dominant performance from the Kiwi. 

A better path to the 2024 Olympics doesn't exist, with Rico now better experienced, stronger, faster and more confident, the dude must certainly be well placed to shake up the elite core and leave a few feathers ruffled. As Rico indicated after his multiple wins in Argentina:

"Now I want to step up and compete with the big boys in the elites. The under-23 is a stepping stone. I am really happy with my year but now ready to move up and try to make a show out there."

Rico staying low in the Round 9 event, the LUXBMX flag looking good out there. Photo from NZ Cycling

Rico throwing up after his Round 10 win. What a feeling this must have been. Photo sourced from Rico himself

This must be a gratifying time in the dudes life right now, surely his greatest achievement in the BMX arena. To be this consistent on such a big stage is unique and shouldn't be lost in the hype of the moment. To properly acknowledge Rico's achievement, we're working towards an interview to present on the LUXBMX Journal. It will be exciting to get to hear from the dude himself and better understand who he is and what makes him tick. So look out for that one in the near future. 

In the meantime, check out the Round 9 event below, Rico's final starts at 1 hour and 21 minutes:


Check out Round 10 event below, with Rico's final starting at 1 hour and 25 minutes: