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The Round Up - Episode 3


Welcome to Episode 3 of the LUXBMX Weekly Round-Up, where we present to you the very latest news, videos, sponsorship updates, competition/jam reports and all things awesome in the BMX world. 


- This man packed a whole lot of boxes over Black Friday/Cyber Monday. 


Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have come and gone, whipping up a frenzy amongst our inner human desire to consume. With over 700 customers (both old and new) getting amongst the weekend sales blitz, the LUXBMX staff were put to the test packaging over 1800 products. The crew were psyched to see so many BMX parts out the door, knowing that BMX riders the world over are now stoked to ride new parts and gear. LUXBMX is now back to normal programming. Huge shouts to everyone who supported us, we are super appreciative. 


- Hit the site to see the full photo dump from King of BNE here.


In Episode 2 of the Weekly Round Up, you may recall a focus on the King of BNE jam hosted by LUXBMX. Since this time, the crew have been busy producing content from the day, including an incredible photo dump here from Mikey C with literally 1 million photos to view giving you a super close feel to the energy of the day as well as an official video and a b-sides video from Tim, found here. Whilst I wasn’t in attendance on the day, I can offer congratulations to the few involved in visioning and organising the day as well as all those that showed up, it truly is the reason why the motivation exists to keep doing this thing. 


- LUXBMX's fastest man, Bruce Morris. 


Another topic we briefly touched on in Episode 2 was the AusCycling BMX Racing National Championships hosted by Launceston, Tasmania. After almost a week of fierce competition in beautiful sunny weather, the fastest riders in Australia have now been crowned. While most people would be eager to follow the elite men and women, I am here to inform you that this is a mistake and that the real excitement can be found in the 50+ category. What am I talking about? LUXBMX’s own Bruce Morris can now claim victory as the fastest old dude in Australia, just inching out a bunch of other old dudes for the gold. Proud of you Bruce!

- You can visit our YouTube channel and watch all of our shorts here. Like, Subscribe, all that. 


You may have heard of this website, it’s called Youtube. In fact, LUXBMX is a Youtube user, being a place where we upload all our best videos for the world to see. Recently, there has been an upgrade to the platform in which a new option called ‘Shorts’ now exists. This is basically a competing element to the short video format perpetrated by Tik Tok and Instagram and really works to fulfil another human desire for quick hits of adrenaline. The crew have recently been putting in work to populate the LUXBMX shorts page, serving you up the hottest BMX biker boy action you can hope to watch. From unseen clips, to LUXBMX staff shreds, to some of the wildest riding from our ‘Aeterna’ video and more, if you want some quick hit buzz, get your ass over to the LUXBMX Youtube, here


That does it for another week of BMX shenanigans. Tell you what, it gets me stoked to know how much is happening in BMX in just one week, not bad for a quaint little sport only just 50 years young.