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The Round Up - Episode 7


Welcome to Episode 7 of the LUXBMX Weekly Round Up, where we present to you the very latest news, videos, sponsorship updates, competition/jam reports and all things awesome in the BMX world. The year is churning along and the LUX crew are excited about delivering a bunch of projects for 2023. As we arc into the cooler months, those weekends are starting to look very appetising. Let’s see what is happening in the world of BMX to build the stoke for more bikes!


- This isn't an April fools joke! The first 'Redback Classic' is going to be huge


Starting things off with that dose of stoke, LUX are proud to host another jam, which we’ve called the ‘Redback Classic’. Taking place on Saturday 1 April, we invite one and all to congregate at the newly built Redbank Plains skatepark at the Rotary Bicentennial Park off Cedar Road, Redbank Plains. There will be more details to come, nonetheless, don’t forget the vast plaza with an incredible serving of grind or for those tranny lovers, the wild bowl packed full of hips and shiny concrete. Stay tuned. 


- Knockin' walls down! Watch this space for our brand new extended showroom  


More on the LUX front, in staying true to our roots, the boys have donned the high-vis kit and reconfigured the shopfront to increase the retail area and thus improve the customer experience. Having outgrown our previous location, we made the move to a larger warehouse to keep up with online demand. In the same move, we lost the connection to our roots and that ain’t cool. We truly value our customers and want to ensure that all and sundry feel welcomed to spend time at the shop, in building the local BMX community. Our plan is to bring back the old shop atmosphere through hosting premieres, providing a relaxing space to loiter while plans are made about where to ride, kick up your feet and read a magazine or run into your favourite pro-rider. And of course, we want to display the latest freestyle, race and lifestyle parts and accessories. We’re still open 5 days a week, so come take a squizz, we’d love to see you. 


- Josh Dove shot by Justin Bumpstead 


Speaking of LUX professional riders, there is a bunch of news to share. Firstly, Dovey has now overcome an unfortunate foot injury and is back on the bike after a 9-week break post-surgery. From the shredder himself, “I’ve worked so hard, especially this last 6 weeks in the gym to be back ahead of time. Still got to get a lot of confidence up but was so good to be cruising around again.” Another rider making a comeback after injury is Boyd Hilder. After dropping a killer video for Odyssey in conjunction with Vans and Troy Charlesworth, Mr Hilder is adding further stamps to his passport. Again under the Odyssey banner, Boyd is currently in South Africa working on a filming project with their heavy-hitting team of biker boys. Cannot wait to see the extent of unique spots and badass trickery unleashed by the crew. 


- Ladies and gentlemen, Izaac Kennedy. 


In further team LUX news, our race lord Izaac Kennedy is currently touring the USA race circuit and making his presence known. Having now notched up 2 x professional wins and leading the pro-points, Izaac has been on one lately and is truly representing the LUX brand with grace, power and dynamism. After a win on Day 2 at the ‘Gator Nationals in Oldsmar, Florida, Izaac is now focussing his attention on Rock Hill, NC in early April for the ‘Carolina Nationals’. Get ‘em Izaac!


- The Mongoose Supergoose and California Special are some of the best retro bikes we've ever laid eyes on


As mentioned, the LUX shopfront is now bigger and better, providing more opportunities to eyeball the latest products. This now includes stock from Mongoose. Driven by our desire to support a brand that has links to the birth of BMX and a significant presence in each decade since, LUXBMX is very excited to now offer Mongoose selections, both reimagined classics and new products. We think that this offers our customers the chance to celebrate and embrace the nostalgia of Mongoose, while moving forward in the modern BMX world with taste, style and strength. 


- The first of the LUX Rider Spotlights features Otis Walsh


Lastly, the shop apprentice (Will Fraser) has pulled his finger out (for now) and dreamed up a dope written segment which we’ve titled ‘LUX Rider Spotlight’. The purpose of this feature is to shine the light on up-and-coming riders of the scene, both locally and abroad. The dudes who are often unheard of, yet motivated, skilful and warranting recognition. The first variation is a really cool piece, focussed on Melbourne-based biker Otis Walsh. To access original content like this and more, sign up for the LUX mail list and shoot over to the journal tab on our website.

That’ll do it for now my friends.