Hey mate, how's it going today? 

I’m good mate, currently in an airport on the way out for a trip. Keen as

Tell us about your racing career and when and why it ended. 

Argh racing was super fun but i think it was a mix of all rules and getting to the age where I had to train or I’d be getting left behind. 

Hows the new pizzy going for you guys? Is it still a daily visit? 

Pizzey is so good, was already a super fun park and now it’s doubled in size. Winning! but yeah man like 2 maybe 3 times a week when I’m home.

You seem to have been surfing more and more in recent years, what do you think has driven you the water? 

I’m not sure what happened but I got the surf bug for sure. I’m pretty terrible at it, but doing a small turn or going super fast just feels like I’m kid learning tricks at the skatepark again haha. Plus it’s real nice way to start the day.

Can you tell us about the snags? (your two sausage dogs) You seem like a pretty dedicated dog dad.  

Haha the snags are wild, so small but so much character. What’s not to love

What was it like for you when you made the move from Bundaberg to the Gold Coast it must have been a big change of scenery/ culture? 

It was insane, my family moved to the Gold Coast right as the GC compound was peaking. Riding with the top dudes in Aus on the daily and just having a blast talking shit and learning the ways. 

When you came down here did you ever think it was going the place that you would end up living, working and shredding?

I don’t think I was thinking about anything but how to go on riding trips haha it’s all I wanted to do. But looking at it now the area is super nice there’s alot more parks/riders to kick it with and the beach I cant leave the beach now. 

How was your motivation when you were growing up (on or off the bike)

Man I remember grazes of my hips from crashing at racing and then having footy the next day with other kids tackling me busting up the scabs. Those days sucked but It didn’t make me wanna stop riding It just made me wanted to stop playin footy. I think that answers the question

Any parting words for the BMX community?

Get out there and shred! Hit me up if you're going to Pizzey I’ll try to make it.

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