Hey Man, how's it going today? 

Hey man. Today is going good!

What's life looking like at the moment, what have you been doing lately to keep busy? 

At the moment life’s looking pretty rad.

I’ve started my own business working on old Landcruisers and Earthmoving Machinery. It’s called Deep End Diesel Services. The ultimate plan with that would be to get enough work working on old landcruisers and to do away with the earthmoving part of my life.

Can you tell us about your landcruiser? 

My landcruiser is a 1979 HJ45. It’s name is Julie. She’s a workhorse. Never says no and never gives up. We hang out together every day and it’s the best.

What’s the one thing you never go riding without? 

Man, I never go riding without my helmet. I fuckin cherish that thing.

When you came down to Brisbane what was the main motivation for the move and do you ever miss your hometown? 

Unfortunately, BMX was burning out in my hometown of Blackwater. Back then I lived off 2020 magazines and DVDs, the sense and spots down there looked like a dream. I packed my stuff into my old Hiace van I had at the time and made the move down. One of the best life choices I’ve ever made man.

What was your local park like in your home town and do you think that park had anything to do with your ability to blast higher than most people can?

My local in Blackwater was a poorly built 4ft skatepark but it had the basics, a spine, box and hips. We rode the hell out of that thing every day. Because of the blasts that often happen in the nearby mines the concrete cracked up pretty badly and in the end, it was bulldozed. They have a new park now, I tried to get involved in the build but the council out there is like trying to communicate with a brick wall, actually, you probably get more out of a brick wall

When you’re 10+ feet out of 12+ foot bowl with vert and pool coping do you ever look down and think how the fuck did I get here? What taught you to be able air like this because there are only a handful of people that can do what you do.

Airing out of a 12ft bowl with pool coping is the best feeling ever man. Never have I thought fuck how did I get here, I think more like “I need to go faster next time”. I think I cracked the code to airing at Fairfield bowl one afternoon. I learnt how to ride the entire quarter and roll my back wheel off the coping. I think everyone has a different way of doing it, but yeah Fairs was the key bowl that started it. That places has so many beautiful stories just in itself. 

Whats the craziest thing you have ever seen while out riding?

One of the craziest things I’ve seen is Corey Walsh trying a full pipe loop at Washington Vancouver bowl for the first time. He G’d out at the top fully upside down and let off of his bike. He was all sweet but man it was wild to watch!


Any parting words for the BMX community?

If I have any parting words for the BMX community, it is you have to do this for the love of it. BMX owes nothing to you but you owe it everything, it will bring you lifelong friends, Places you never dreamed of going and a lifetime of good times. If your hell focused on being hooked up and just riding comps you’ll burn out. I just don’t think there’s any real love in that. Enjoy it for the simplicity it is and it takes you way further than you expected.

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