Where are you at the moment?

Right now I’m in vegas for a few days of training, but I’ll be flying back to Florida on the weekend and finish off grands prep.

Your year seems like it’s been very busy, which countries have you been too?

Yeah busy for sure. We’ve been all around the USA, Scotland, Holland, France, Colombia and of course Australia so lots of time spent in airports this year.

Which is the sketchiest city/town so far? Or do none of them compare to Capalaba for intensity? (haha) 

Umm for sure would be Akron, Ohio. Pretty crazy experience having a gun pulled on us there this year, scariest moment of my life and think my life flashed in front of me but maybe that story can be saved for another time aha.

Which countries have the sketchiest riders?

 South America hands down.

Same foot forward for gate and jumping? Or are you one of those weirdo swappers? 

I’m a weirdo swapper. Gate left, jump right.

Favourite gearing combo? Do you change it up much when you go from a typical USA track to an 8m? 

I generally keep it the same all year round. I bumped it up a tooth at a few SX races this year but I mainly just keep it the same. 

What's been your favourite track to date to race on? 

Probably Rock Hill is my favourite.  

The funnest track to ride? 

I really like Sarasota SX in Florida, but sleeman is always going to be one of my favourites 

Any trails you've been hitting lately? 

Nah no trails just been keeping it boring on the race track haha.

Any jumps or sections scare you anymore? Or are you pretty chilled with tracks these days? 

No they are all pretty small these days, maybe too small and I wish the tracks were bigger. But I’d say if there’s a big triple in a section, I get scared to try them. Most of the time they aren’t a race line though and it’s just for show/fun.

Are tabletops awesome as a first jump off the 8m? 

Tabletops should be banned as a first jump!

Racing goals for 2023? 

Winning more races and titles is the goal! I really want to work as hard as I can and make it my best yet.

Personal goals for 2023? 

Just to keep learning, having fun and making the most of the opportunity I have getting to travel the world racing BMX.  Pretty sweet to meet new people and see so many places in the world!

What's the craziest thing you have ever seen while our riding? 

Nothing really comes to mind. Not much crazy stuff goes on at the bmx track.

Any parting words for the BMX community?

Just thanks to everyone who supports me. It’s been an awesome year so far and hopefully, I can finish it off on top here in a few weeks at the grands and bring a USABMX title back to Australia! And everyone, go shop at LUXBMX haha

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