Nickname: Moik
Area of Expertise: Confusion
Hometown:  Nambour
Favourite Trick: Jumping shit
Riding Influences: Etnies Forward, Square One Wide Awake Nightmare, Props, Criminal Mischief 
LUXBMXpert Since: 2022

Most Memorable BMX Adventure

This might not be the most memorable, plus there are tonnes of others, but filming for LUX Aeterna, Hobart trip with Pat, Samson and Wilto, finished up another sweet day of BMXing and headed up Mt Wellington at night. It was insanely windy with little shelter other than a lookout thing that was shut. We walked down the hill a little and perched up underneath the viewing deck and found shelter, it is an incredible view of the sparkling lights of Hobart. Its pretty memorable given that I felt responsible for the quality of this DVD, so to have dudes committed to your project who are also your good friends, and you've flown across the country to ride bikes, it is an almost overwhelming compatriotic feeling.

Current Whip

Blacked out 2 pegs no brakes TMPRD something with a bunch of random parts from varying companies High seat, big tyres Its a simplified, tame version of my previous bikes