Nickname: Kron 
Area of Expertise: Bombing, Rick and Morty Beaker, Inspirational Quotes
Hometown: Australia 
Favourite Trick: Double Backflip rewind 
Riding Influences: Big Buss, The boys, Mary-Jane (I taught Pollard how to turndown) 
LUXBMXpert Since: 2022

Most Memorable BMX Adventure

I hand planted the big super spox at work the other day and thought my thumb was pulled from the socket. Usually I just like going to the pub with Samson and turkey and sometimes big mase. That was mad. Wilto moved to SA and became a trucker.  

Current Whip

Federal Boyd frame, Odyssey r32 forks, Fiend Reynolds bars, Federal stance complete wheelsets, Odyssey Grandstand Pedals