Jake Norris


Hey man, how's it going? 

Hey, I’m doing well. Been nursing a busted back lately but it’s slowly coming good. 

Seems like you have been loving the big bike man, what got you started with that? 

I love it. I’ve been riding mtb since I was a kid. Maybe longer than I’ve been riding bmx. But recently some of my mates have bought big bikes and it’s got me going out nearly every second day of the week. Toey as 

Alongside BMX, you seem to be really good at fishing, I once watched you pull in 3 flatheads in 20 minutes after we had all failed to catch anything for hours. What makes a good fisherman and why are you good at it? 

Hahaha, I just love fishing! I swear it’s just luck haha.

What's your favourite fish to catch?

Barramundi for sure. The fight is a thrill. They go hard! Especially off the top of the water on a popper. Love catching mangrove jack and finger mark aswell. 

You live in Rockhampton, right? Tell us about the scene up there. 

Rocky hasn’t got the biggest scene for bmx but every now and then we all get together and have a roll at the local. There’s a few blokes that are always down which is always good but I also don’t mind riding alone. 

Your section in Troy’s video blew a lot of minds, I don’t think anyone really realised what you had done for that video. Can you tell us, from your perspective what the entire process of filming was like? 

It was a really fun experience! Filming with Troy for me is a real treat. I feel like we work together pretty well. It’s nice filming with someone that I trust. That way I can focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about the filmer. It’s stressful trying scary shit but the feeling I get when I roll away from something is a feeling I can’t describe.

Which clip do you think took you the longest to film and why did it take so long do you think? 

For me the biggest battle was the tooth hang 180 barspin at the water fountain in Rockhampton. I think it took 2 separate trips with a few hours both times before I even threw the bar. Was a huge mental battle this one rather than a physical battle. I have no idea how many times I’ve had to hanger 180 that rail but it’s gotta be up there with a billion try’s haha. But the one I threw the bar was the one I rolled away on. Was a nice feeling.

Were there any clips that you couldn’t get? Or any you had to go back for and did get? 

Yes, There’s a few clips I didn’t get. Either couldn’t do it or crashed. Pretty much every kink rail trick I tried I didn’t get and ended up busted afterwards. I went back and redid a few clips for this video. The most memorable one for me was the 180 tooth 180 thing on this pole at a car sales lot in Brisbane. After I filmed that with Troy it stayed in my mind because I wanted to bar out. So eventually we went back and get that done. 

For the people that don’t know, you are an extremely talented tattoo artist, how long have you been doing this for and have you always been a creative dude? 

I’ve been tattooing for around 8 years now. I really enjoy tattooing and tattoo art in general. I was never an arty kid at school at all. I started painting when I was around 18 and that’s pretty much where the love started

If you didn’t ride BMX what do you think would take up most of your time?

If I wasn’t riding I’d probably just be tattooing heaps or a full alcoholic. Haha

What's the craziest thing you have seen while out riding? 

Seen some people shit in the streets of Barcelona while out riding. You see some wild shit while out in the streets. Also witnessed Raph luc-e grind a huge rail with my own eyes. That was wild.

Any parting words for the BMX community?

Keep riding! Keep having fun! Come to rocky and catch a Barra! 

Thanks to all the boys at LUX. Love yas 

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