Bruce Morris

Nickname: Mr Bruce 
Unofficial Job Role: LUXBMX Race legend and all things fast. 
Area of Expertise: Making your kid the quickest at the track. 
Hometown: Red Earth Brewery.   
Favourite Trick: First place, tabletops.
Riding Influences: Anyone I beat in the past, all the boys.
LUXBMXpert Since: 2017.



Most Memorable BMX Adventure

Probably a trip I took to Colorado to win myself some titles. We travelled through some terrain that you will only find in that part of the world and drank a bunch good tasting IPA's. 

Current Whip

I'm currently riding a Cromo Custom Woods frame with Odyssey R32 Forks, Profile Nomads laced to Alienation PBR single-wall rims (because I'm smooth), Avian Impala 64 Bars, ODI longneck grips, IRC siren tyres #thankssammy