Forward Mako Pedals / Black

Forward Mako Pedals

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Forward Mako Pedals / Black

Forward Mako Pedals / Default Title

Sale price$39.99 AUD


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Looking for a budget flat pedal with a nice low profile? The Forward Mako Pedal has you covered with this aluminium bodied pedal that features a concave design to increase foot contact. Use this pedal for sprint training to increase muscle activation, or to replace the OEM flat pedals on you race fig. With plenty of pins on each side, these pedals won't drain the wallet whatever you choose to use them for.


  • Die cast aluminum body 
  • 10 molded pins per side - Height: 2mm
  • CNC machined Chromoly steel shaft - 9/16"" threading - Tightening via BTR socket or flat keys
  • 2DU bearings
  • Laser logo
  • Colour - Black


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