A pair of Juggernaut Pedals on a white background, perfect for grinding.
A pair of black Juggernaut Pedals on a white background.
A pair of Juggernaut Pedals, perfect for street riding and grinding, on a white background.

Juggernaut Pedals

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A pair of Juggernaut Pedals on a white background, perfect for grinding.

Juggernaut Pedals / Black / 9/16 Inch

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After riding every single éclat pedal they've ever made over the past 8 years, Jordan Godwin took all the elements he liked and combined them into his own signature model. The Juggernaut Pedal echo’s many original features from Eclat's existing pedal line as well as some new ones which help make up one of the most technical and brutal street pedals they have ever made.

Utilising the extra-large platform from the Centric, the oversize spindle from the Plaza, the removable steel pins from the Contra and the re-enforced body from the AK pedal, Jordan’s signature pedal is a product born from of over 15 years of R&D – making it simply the best place for your feet. The Juggernaut is our first asymmetric pedal and it’s quite obvious that this is made for sliding and grinding all day long. Jordan always used to keep one side of his pedal slick for grinding so he asked to make his own pedal with one side made for pure grip, and the other to handle all the abuse. He wanted a pedal which not only felt great to ride but also lasted longer in both grip and performance whilst out in the streets.

- Jordan Godwin signature pedal
- Taking all the best features from the éclat pedal range to create the “ultimate street pedal”
- Large platform pedal with exclusive oversize spindle design and unique crank arm interface with 6mm hex and without wrench flat
- Overall wider pedal body and more inward foot position to aid with crank arm grinds and aerial tricks
- Removable steel pins for improved traction and durability
- Extra material for longer pedal life after grind wear
- Slick grind specific side for smoother crank arm and pedal grinds

Material - Injection moulded nylon / fibreglass
Size - 9/16″ spindle / 115mm/107mm/28.5mm
Bearings - Loose ball
Weight - 560g

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