A black Onyx Thru Bolt (20mm x 130mm) tube with front and rear hubs on a white background.

Onyx Thru Bolt (20mm x 130mm)

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Onyx Thru Bolt (20mm x 130mm) / Black Anodized

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Onyx manufactured aluminium thru-bolt produced for Onyx front and rear hubs that utilise a thru-bolt system. Available in different lengths to suit the most popular frames and forks on the BMX race market, they come in both 15mm and 20mm diameter.

Every bolt includes 2x 2mm spacers. 

Use these thru-bolts with any hub brand that requires a bolt system like this. 

Note: Physical axle spacing is 2mm less that listed size to allow for compression. eg, 117mm axle spacing measures at 115mm.


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