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Sprintblock  / Black

Sprintblock / Black

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Specialising in the art of simplification, the Sprintblock should be an essential tool in any serious BMX racer's training toolbox. Designed and developed by one of the world's most eminent BMX coaches, Sean Dwight, it's used by Olympic Gold Medalist Connor Fields, as well as all the riders in the Dwight ""training camp"" crew. Like any simple, effective design, there are many years of development and intellectual property embedded within this training aid. 


The Sprintblock's unique design mimics exactly the movement of the ideal gate start and can be used of riders from any age, and ability, to develop the components and habits that go into a fast hill time. This movement cannot simply be replicated by sprinting from a static support. Components like relaxation on the gate, increased reaction time and smooth transition from the initial pedal stroke through the second stroke (eliminate that pause/stall common in all but the top gate starters in the world) can be trained during Sprintblock sessions. The ultimate goal is eliminating the anxiety of ""getting a good gate"" by making the rider technically proficient and ensuring your best gate start is repeatable time after time, under all pressure situations. 


Contructed from tough-as-nails automotive ABS plastic, the race department guys have been using theirs in training for over 18 months now and it's withstood the abuse of metal flat pedals, clip pedals, and being thrown into the back of the car after sessions. Designed with removable segments so you can adjust the height of your front pedal, the race guys' 'blocks function the same now as they did the day they received them. Real world testing and proof that the designs works. 


Practice your gates anywhere, anytime, without the expense of buying a training gate! With infinite transportability, you can replicate gates at home, or take it to the track to mix up your sessions. 


Ages: 5 to 50+

Ability: Novice to Olympic medalist 

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