A Vee 20 X 1.50-1.90 Inch Tube (FV 48mm) with a red end attached to it, designed specifically for race tyre width.

Vee 20 X 1.50-1.90 Inch Tube (FV 48mm)

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Vee 20 X 1.50-1.90 Inch Tube (FV 48mm) / Black / 1.5-1.9 Inch

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Vee rubber 20 inch tube for your race rig. 48mm French valve (AKA Presta valve) means it will fit all alloy rims and a majority of carbon rims, unless you've go exceptionally deep dished rims. In that case, go for a 60mm valve length. This is an all purpose tube that will fit just about any race tyre width.

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