Tim Storey

Nickname: 4shortz
Area of Expertise: Getting grimey in the streets. 
Hometown: CLVLND 
Favourite Trick: Tailwhips & Icepicks 
Riding Influences: Macca, Alex, Garrett Reynolds, Edwin, Chase Dehart  
LUXBMXpert Since: 2019



In 2016 I went to BCN with my younger brother and a bunch of my friends and spent a month in the city in a tiny apartment in the gothic district. We spent every day out riding and filming on spots I had grown up watching on BMX DVDs. After the riding was finished for the day we would head to one of the hundreds of bars that were below our apartment and met a bunch of sick dudes and some guys I had grown up seeing in mag's and video parts. We filmed a sick trip video with the boys which unfortunately was lost but luckily for us, the experience is something we will never forget.