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Shop our range of high-end BMX styled balance bikes for when something cheap and nasty just won't do. Keep your little ones entertained for hours and introduce them with style to the fantastic world of BMX! These balance bikes are designed for the little ones aging 1.5 years, all the way up to 4 or 5 years old! Mountains of fun to be had! 

LUXBMX carries Australia's biggest range of Freestyle & Race BMX Bikes, we stock all brands and models that we believe in, and truly stand by every Bike you see listed.  We have Bikes available for every budget, and be sure to reach out if you need any further expert advice...


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First step is figuring out which skill level you’re at. Your skill on a bike is pretty important when choosing a new bike as it determines the strength that the components need to have to handle the abuse you dish out to the bike.