LUX Raw Video - In-store Fridays

Ever wondered what it's like to spend a day in the shop at LUXBMX? Well, thanks to the crew (with Tim Storey on editing duties), we present to you an inside look at what goes on with the crew on a Friday. 

With the sacred BBQ acting as the centrepiece of the day and the light at the end of the working week, the boys get to work handling phones, taking deliveries, building up custom bikes, getting to task on the new Vans drop, slaying flairs on the backyard ramp and shooting the breeze - mates being mates. 

Beyond Pat Johns running the show and Will being a general pest, the video includes some reflective wisdom from our race lead Bruce - words to live by:

"Just here working ey" & "I don't do carbs". 

Check us out online or drop in-store and check out what we are all about! 


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Over and out.