LUXBMX Store: Shopfront Renovation

After careful consideration of the customer experience, the shopfront has been reimagined in order to increase the retail shopfront space and help create an environment that is better suited to the needs of our community. The aim is to bring back the incredible atmosphere fostered through the early days of LUXBMX at our Fortitude Valley location where the shopfront was largely a customer space and often consumed by a bunch of dirty bikers meeting up to talk BMX, watch videos and figure out where to ride. 

LUXBMX Shopfront at the Fortitude Valley Location Circa 2010

With the growth of LUXBMX over the last decade, the function of the shopfront has changed in that the warehouse component has grown significantly to keep up with online demand. In the same move, we have lost the connection to our early roots and are now here to change that. As you can see below, the retail-warehouse mix shifted with our West End location, however the balance still wasn't right. 

LUXBMX Shopfront at the West End Location Circa 2017

Having spent enough time at our current Woolloongabba location to understand the space we occupy in conjunction with the needs of our customers and our vision for the future; all that was left to do was to put it into action. 

Achieving this outcome was no easy task considering the mountain of duties and skills it takes to run the business. Aside from warehouse management, customer service, marketing and content creation, event organisation, e-commerce, mechanics, human resources and website development, the crew at LUXBMX are also apparently DIY experts. I say this in that the renovation comprised more than a lick of paint and some shelving, with crew members Tim Storey and Pat Johns leading the renovations with a genuine excitement, curious mind and industrious spirit.

The reconfigured shopfront space is aimed at hosting premieres, providing a relaxing space to loiter while plans are made about where to ride, kick up your feet and read a magazine or run into your favourite pro-rider. And of course, we want to display the latest freestyle, race and lifestyle parts and accessories.

LUXBMX Shopfront at our current Woolloongabba Location - Newly Renovated

Bikes Galore

In speaking with Tim Storey, our customer service guru, it is evident that a bit of 'get up and go' can take you a long way. As Tim describes:

"Renovating the showroom (and upstairs office) has been a long-winded project but we completed the majority of the work in 2/3 weeks. When the boys first discussed renovating and the budget they were looking at, Pat and myself both got excited and said we can save money and just do it for ya. 

Mitch and Ev trusted us and let us go for it. We ripped down a bunch of plaster with little planning and knowledge of what were doing other than a little bit of experience on jobs sites while labouring during university days. We literally reused everything, plaster, screws, track, and everything you see in the showroom. Other than paint and a 20L bucket of Gyprock plaster, all the materials involed were recycled.

Once we had all the walls down it was time to rebuild and that's where it got fun, learning how to plaster, hanging sheets and painting was really cool. I'm stoked on how it turned out and it gets me hyped every time I walk into work."  

Tim Storey in Action

Beanbags just Begging to Aid your Relaxation

Hopefully you get a sense of our pride and excitement for the current warehouse location when we see you in-store next. Remember, we’re still open 5 days a week, so come take a squizz, we’d love to have you round.