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What's Happenin' at LUXBMX - Episode 5

Episode 5 of our new video series where you get the inside take on the LUXBMX operation and the people who keep the machine running. 

The creator of these videos, Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth is at it again, up to his mischievous antics as a personality and influencer of the Australian BMX scene. You may or may not have been aware of Troy's role in these videos, since he is typically behind the lens of much larger, more significant projects. Alas, his versatility shines, much like his fun loving disposition. 

As the Youtube description teases, "nice and short one this week since Bruce Morris has had me doing all his personal filming for his Instagram this week. Somehow I managed to film:

- Tim destroying the ramp for a new custom upgrade like the X Games

- Ev and Bruce hit the workshop on one of the most expensive custom Chase BMX bikes we have ever built

- To top it off Ev gets back in the workshop to build a wild custom S&M Steel Panther that will leave you speechless."

Pretty cool to know that the ramp is being improved! If you haven't ridden this thing, it is a crazy effective use of the limited space out the back of the LUXBMX building, having existed in its current form for a number of years. So, an upgrade is welcomed. 

Beyond the silly guy antics, it is again highlighted that Ev is back to providing the highest level of customer service in tailoring a disc brake element for a custom build. We have the skills, technical prowess and motivation to go above and beyond for our customers, case in point. On this build, the boys are working on a carbon Chase ACT 1.2 Pro XXL frame in the teal option, an incredibly sleek beast which is no doubt destined for speed. If you want to see a more in-depth video of this build, we have you covered. 

In the meantime, have a look at the below video and know we have a tonne of insane visual content to come in the near future.