What's Happenin' at LUXBMX - Episode 4

Episode 4 of our new video series where you get the inside take on the LUXBMX operation and the people who keep the machine running. 

In this weeks episode, shock horror, the boys (i.e. Evan) are keeping the wheels turning on this bicycle exchange undertaking we call LUXBMX with the setup of another complete bike as well as getting to task on a new wheel build. In fact, this particular wheel is for our boy Jake Norris in preparation for his upcoming trip to the 'Battle of Hastings' jam in September this year. Good to know our crew will be riding the best quality rigs, including hand-built wheels for that support and strength. 

Interesting to see a couple shots where the boys are unaware of being filmed, great to see Evan taking the time to explain and share some of his mechanical skills with the crew. Shop dad, alpha dad. 

Kane is also shown as an important part to the business, the critical link between your order being received and accurately shipped. Isn't it cool to have a visual of the dude manning the warehouse, unfortunately with sub-par hair on this particular day. Before the internet became everything, you barely had a feel for your favourite BMX professional, let alone industry guys. I would have found this cool to know back when I was a young fella. I also would have had the utmost appreciation for a biker with a hunger for dreamy choc-chip cookies. Amen. 

LUXBMX race pro Izaac Kennedy also makes a super quick appearance, post-surgery, hobbling about and signing frames. I'm sure the kid would have much preferred to be at the Glasgow world titles over the weekend just gone, but that's part of the game, you take the hits to get the wins. 

Anyway, I'll leave it there. Tune in next week for more LUXBMX vlogging goodness.