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Adrian Varela for Pusher BMX 'Prairie Rose'

Damn, this one needs your attention. 

Coming from left of centre, we have a biker guy I've never heard of, filmed by a guy I've never heard of, coming through with a legitimate heavyweight of a video part. Sure it's great to see a new Nathan video, you know it's going to bang, but when a dude hits in a similar vein without a history or a status to his name, it punches that little bit harder. 

Titled 'Prairie Rose', for reasons not clear to me, the video is for Pusher BMX, a core shopfront based in Denver, Colorado. Using my problem solving skills and putting two and two together, yung Adrian Varela presumably represents Pusher BMX and this here video is to celebrate that very fact. 

Back to the 'Prairie Rose' thing, it would appear that this flower is endemic to Adrian's part of the world and is noted as being colloquially known as the 'smooth rose'. Perhaps it is then fitting that the video is described in this way in that it mirrors the effortless riding style of Adrian. Whatever, just a hunch. It's cool that they've given the video a unique title as oppose to calling it 'Adrian Varela 2023' or something equally uninspiring. 

Back on track, the YouTube description notes:

"New Mexican Adrian Varela takes on the mile high city streets with ease on his first video part.... Enjoy!

  • Letters by: Grindwheel
  • Art: Adrian Varela
  • Video/ Edit: Daniel Camacho
  • Additional filming: Dustin Arp."

Beyond the above, I've been able to uncover very little about the dude. I can reveal however that his 3D, colour version presents as follows:

Adrian (on the right) sitting on a section of gravel just short of a bitumen highway. This looks like a very dangerous setting and I fear for his wellbeing. Baggy watermelon green pants are cool. Photo taken from the dudes socials

This time you get a better sense for the dudes posture and build, although no details pertaining to the face other than a small section of his right cheek. To the right of this photo is assumedly the videographer, Dan. Taken from the dudes socials

This is really well done, the song is meaningful, the production is on point, simple/minimal editing (great use of slo-mo), didn't over-extend it's welcome, incredible riding with a fairly broad suite of burly and tech street. Ample clips worthy of a mention, but let's just stick to one for now. For whatever reason, the pole jam 180 bar at 0.23 stuck with me. I love the angle of the shot, it gives enough perspective to the scene without it being dwarfed or too tight, whilst also keeping pace and offering extra 'impact' with a great horizontal pan. Perhaps this stage of the song also adds emphasis to the clip. 

Shouts to the window chick, beer cloud and all. What a gal. 

 And remember, a peacock that rests on his tail feathers is just another turkey.