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Ride BMX (US): Tim 'Fuzzy' Hall Cover

For something a little different, I thought it would be cool to revisit some old magazine covers.

As an emerging teenager, I would mow our lawn for $5 and save up over time to be able to buy things like Props, lollies and BMX magazines, the important items right. This was a super formative time in my love for BMX, consistent with the era that I bought and memorised 'Criminal Mischief'. I can still remember the local newsagent staff and the feeling of coming in to find Ride BMX stacked on the shelf, the sheer joy of reading about BMX after waiting for a full month, starved of any other information. 

Given that magazines were often the only way to catch up on all things BMX, they were (and still are) very special in my memory past and present. In fact, I still have all my old magazines stored in the shed - well most of 'em anyway. I would buy the UK version of Ride BMX as well, it was thicker I think - which was appealing. I used to feel as though this version was a little more foreign to the US version, I guess the riders names weren't as familiar to me, nor the companies and personalities. I then used to cut these magazines up and sticky tape my favourites photos and logos on high school textbooks, damn that was sick. 

Anyway, with this in mind, I wanted to post a cover up here and there just to remind our viewers what has been and done. Landing a magazine cover was a big deal too, ultimate in the sense of notoriety, glory and the magic of seeing yourself in hard copy, it was truly an honour. Some people, like our cameo guest below, were landing covers from 1987 to 2007, I believe that is 20 years. So, let's take a moment to appreciate Tim 'Fuzzy' Hall and his Ride US cover from October 2000. I chose this one as the dude is a legend and has had some great video parts, Props moments and one to leave an unmissable mark on the history and progression of BMX. He was also the best at this particular trick which I always thought was one of the coolest ways to manoeuvre your bike and dangle a couple limbs. To this day, you still don't see it that much. I will acknowledge that Jon Mac comes to mind as a proponent of this trick. 

Anyway, this post is limited in terms of interaction, I simply request that you take a moment to take in this photo and this moment. Maybe imagine holding the thing in your hands for an extra sense of connection, just wait until no ones around, you will come off as strange.  

To give you a better sense of the dude, take a look at some of the below images and exit with a quick 2 minute clip of Fuzzy and TJ Lavin talking about bikes and riding TJs backyard jumps, the footage is beautiful.


All photos taken from the National BMX Hall of Fame Facebook page. 

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