Aryei Levenson (REA) x S&M Pro Video

When I saw that the S&M team were in Australia for a trip based around the ACT Jam, my interest piqued and I was feeling feels of excitement. I was so excited that I thought to myself, yeah ok, nice, great. When I saw that Stew Johnson was the TM and producing the trip video, I was even more excited and thought to myself, wow I would love to shake Stew's hand. I then saw this video and in particular, the last couple of minutes and thought, well if I was at ACT Jam 2023, I would have been even more excited (if that is possible).

Why you ask? Because they held a submitter video competition after a days riding while everyone was in town to share in the experience of a BMX jam/premiere/party. Why you ask again? Well because the S&M team were shrewd enough to have produced a 6 minute video part (cut/shot by Stew) of REA which premiered exclusively for the ACT Jam crowd. I'll stop you there though, there is in fact more excitement lurking around the corner - because the video acted as a clandestine 'welcome to pro' part which actually included footage from the night as our lord and saviour Stew MCs. It's great stuff. 

Before we go on, I'll just note the comment of Stew as he MCs, that the video was shot in Portland over the period of a week. When you watch the video, consider this in the context of how much great riding goes down over so many amazing spots. Incredible.

As S&M notes in the video description:

"We've been rocking with REA for almost a decade (which is saying something since he's only 17) and we could not be prouder to add this absolute savage to the PRO TEAM.

You're a legend in the making kid.. your legit love of BMX and RIDE EVERYTHING (ridiculously well) ethos have earned you a permanent spot in S&M's history and you're just getting started!"

Cop this for a proper table, over a legendary hip at a legendary park

The aforementioned rocket gives this video some holiday glamour, a right spark

I love everything about this project. Having said that, I don't know any of these dudes personally but I can't help but feel that everyone involved is in it with their heart in the right place and their intentions pure. There can only be goodness to come from this platform. 

Cannot wait for the official S&M Australia trip video, surely out soon.