Declan Kilpatrick 2023

This one has been out for 3 weeks now and it's worth highlighting to the LUXBMX audience, most notably in that it showcases the biking trickery of the homie, Declan Kilpatrick. 

In partnership with Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy via Triple 6 Distribution, Declan works his way through the streets of Brisbane and Adelaide in the latest iteration of his video project career. The dude has given filming duties to the boys and taken on the role of editor himself. 

Declan (second from the right) with the crew - you love to see this camaraderie brought about by BMX

The end result is a 4 and half minute catalogue of what it means to be part of the driving force for nu-school energy - including the track selection which hits the atmosphere being spearheaded by the likes of Broc Raiford and Felix Prangenberg. Hard-ways, bar links, slow-mid paced lines, plenty of rails and some lesser-expected clips like the Milton park slide gap up to 1 hand x-up at 2.50 and the fence hop at the end. By the way, love the hype with the closing clip, it's so cool to see human emotion unveiled in live time - i.e. the relief of not clipping wheel and inevitably getting crushed. 

Bit of a glitch showing itself throughout the video too, which might prickle the skin of the perfectionists out there. For me, it's like a nice, fuzzy feeling of a comfort food, a hug or your own space, soothing almost. 

Before I sign out, worth identifying that (IMO), Declan appears to be an asian fusion of Jerry V and Brock Olive. Tall boy steeze, slight hunch, roll-out swag and many other subtleties coming through. Cool to see the Brisbane influence carry forward.