Chase Hawk | The Hawks Nest Video


Joe Rogan might have put Austin, Texas on the map recently after setting up shop and talking about it on his ridiculously huge podcast, but if you're a BMXer who grew up in the late 1990's/2000's, Austin was probably already on your radar for other reasons, and a very different Joe likely influenced you (If you know, you know!). 

- Austin BMX legend Joe Rich on the tools helping bring Chase's backyard dream come to life 

Chase Hawk has been a fixture in the Austin BMX scene since his Dad picked up his first bike from a pawn shop at the age of 7. Growing up racing the local race track and blasting the iconic 9th street trails, as well as spending a lot of his younger years around massively influential riders such as Taj Mihelich, Joe Rich, Sandy Carson and Paul Buchanan, it was only so long before Chase was on the path to becoming one of the most influential riders of his generation and so many generations after. 

- An overview of Chase's backyard set up 

We could talk all day about Chase's consistent BMX career, being one of the most stylish riders on the planet from his teenage years right up til' now in his mid 30's (he influenced me to build my own Cult Hawk frame recently), but we're here to show you what he's been working on for the past few years. Chase has been putting in work for over 2 years on a project planning out, obtaining approvals, and building one of the most epic backyard ramp setups we've seen, and now we've finally been blessed with an epic 12-minute clip of him doing what he does best at the finished Hawks Nest. 


If you want to learn more about Chase Hawk and the city of Austin, Texas and it's deep roots connecting the BMX community, you can listen to chase on the "Scared of Normal" Podcast below.