JP Ross - Welcome to Demolition

California BMX boy JP Ross has his day in the sun with a welcome to video, this time for Demolition Parts. Having found himself a spot on the Volume Bikes team back in 2020, JP has proved himself to also be recognised as someone who is not only skilled as an all-round rider, but determined and genuinely passionate about biking. 

The dude has been around a little longer than most AMs, using his breadth of BMX knowledge to offer up a style of riding that is very much influenced by the titans of the millennial decade as well as a buch of contemporary pros. I'm sniffing at influences along the lines of Joe Riley, Scotty Cranmer as well as Garrett Reynolds and JJ Palmere. Maybe this is hard to avoid when you see that striped under-shirt and the emo cut/beanie combo alongside a slammed seat and the all-black bike.

Anyway, this ain't a fashion critique, boy can ride. I love that this is a shorter video, at 1.45, you haven't got much time to show your wares but if you go for quality over quantity, you typically end up with a super memorable piece. Great mix of trickery, from drops to rails to tech lines to hauling ass in a ditch. Demolition seem to have a penchant for the all-rounder, i.e. Dennis (past team rider), Parker Heath, Hucker, Peraza. 

Click play, watch biker, feel good.