Colin Winkelmann Props 40 Interview

This is one of the greatest Props sections and you are obligated to watch this.

Slightly aggressive first comment, I admit. However, it isn't misleading and I hope that you're able to work this out for yourself. 

While I may be biased in terms of an affinity to Props and it's unbridled force for archiving and thus perpetuating an era of BMX that means so much, my sense is that this clip (and many others) does not dissolve through the caustic nature of time and growth.

It's transcendent value lies within the theme of entertainment, the late-night talk show setting, the goofy production, equally goofed out energy as embodied by host Leigh Ramsdell, the authentic personality of Colin Winkelmann and then finally, the chopping and cutting of riding footage set to the timeless and trusted music selection - one of the defining pillars of the Props universe. The combined effect of these and many other elements, make this a true delight and a super impactful piece. 

Colin and his signature DK frame, the SOB. Love this photo. Taken from the DK Bicycles socials

I suppose I cannot write about this video without honouring Colin Winkelmann who sadly and abruptly ended his life in 2005. A truly tragic ending to an incredible life and from all accounts, a remarkable person and bike rider. 

If you didn't know, Colin was one of the key bikers making up the defining Greenville (North Carolina) scene of the late 90s and early 2000s. Alongside the likes of Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Josh Harrington, Rob Darden, Allan Cooke, Mike Laird (amongst many others) and even some Australians up there - Colin Mackay and Ryan Guettler. Rather than write my own version of why this scene was so incredible, why not watch the full length documentary called 'Pro Town: Greenville, NC' by Mark Losey (ex Ride US editor/photographer). 

The following statement from the video might help illustrate my point in a punchy sentence:

"How did a small town hidden in North Carolina become the epicenter of competitive action sports? And what happens when best friends become each other's main competition? With 34 pros and 21 Gold Medals, Greenville, North Carolina is unlike any town in any action sports."

Anyway, before you get too distracted, let's channel back into the Props 40 interview and set it up for viewing ease. 

I think it's easy to forget how much of a bad mother licker Colin was. The interview highlights old footage of the dude making it known that he was deadset on pushing the limits. Be it jumping the touring DK trailer, a million cars in the desert to sending what must have been one of the earlier double backflip attempts on a tiny ass box, this is but a sliver of what Colin brought to BMX. 

Screenshot proof of said badassery, check out the scorp on that double backflip:

Take this in, give it the air it deserves. Colin was and still is, an incredible advocate for how to carry yourself as a person, how to adjust your attitude to BMX to be more tolerant and humble as well as providing the inspiration for taking life by the throat and getting the most out of it. 

So great to know that this piece is online and (hopefully) working its way into the minds of young bikers the world over. 

Lastly, I have to again highlight how much Leigh Ramsdell kills it in this, what a personality to have apart of BMX. His 'Eugene' character is all time. 


And remember, try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud!