Master Chef Dev for Odyssey BMX

You know you need to see this one!

Coming out of Denver, Colorado we have Devin Burks (i.e. Master Chef Dev), an up and coming biker with what I hope is a long and prosperous future. Boy got moves.

Taking up a flow spot on the Odyssey roster back in 2021, the kid has stayed on top of his game and now gets to celebrate what appears to be his first full-length video part (aside from a 2017 video for Pusher BMX). It would seem that the dude has been toiling away, lurking the streets of Denver for some time now, with his commitment to the cause paying off in the form of a completely original selection of tricks combined with a big ball rolling the dice type approach. 

In working on this post, it just clicked that I've watched the dudes riding previously, via the Pusher BMX Mountain Trip 2023 video. I think it must have been his whips, he has this sick method of keeping his feet high until the last minute and then stomping the pedals with gusto, love it. You get a couple of 'em in this video too, I recommend eye balling the one at 2.40, maybe even a few times eh. I love the output of Pusher BMX, those dudes seem to have a sick thing going on up in the highlands there, bunch of underground bikers that punch way above their weight. 

Anyway, to the video. This shit is proper, aside from a few clips needing a stabiliser and a little less aggression on the zoom, the video was flawless - in terms of resulting in audible responses (i.e. woahhhs, whattts and orrrhhhs) and then finally, a will to ride and a desire to send the dude a 'hell yeah' on socials. Largely, this response is due to the multiple times I was taken by surprise with his trick selection, including the below screamer:

You'll also find yourself catching a 1-handed ice down a rail, plenty of sub and lip tricks, respectfully blended amongst burly street riding, tech street riding and a couple trail lines. 

Hyped for all involved with this one and very much looking forward to seeing more of this fella. 

 All photos taken from the dudes socials.